Andrew Wyatt

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Andrew Wyatt
本名Andrew Wyatt Blakemore[1]
  • 音樂人
  • 詞曲作家
  • 音樂製作人

Andrew Wyatt Blakemore係美國音樂人、詞曲作家、音樂製作人[2]。佢喺曼克頓出世同長大。


年份 藝人 唱碟 詳情
2019 "Trigger" Major Lazer, Khalid 詞曲作家
"Hit Me Where It Hurts" Caroline Polachek Pang Co-producer/詞曲作家
"Slide Away" Miley Cyrus 製作人/詞曲作家
" One of Us" Liam Gallagher Why Me? Why Not. 製作人/詞曲作家
" The River"
"Alright Now"
"Invisible Sun"
"Shockwave" 詞曲作家
"Be Still"
"Don't Leave Me Lonely" (feat. YEBBA) Mark Ronson Late Night Feelings 詞曲作家
"When U Went Away" (feat. YEBBA)
"Mother's Daughter" Miley Cyrus She Is Coming 製作人/詞曲作家
"Party Up the Street"
"So Bad (feat. HAIM)" Gesaffelstein Hyperion 詞曲作家
"Mixer" Amber Mark 製作人/詞曲作家
2018 "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" Miley Cyrus Revamp: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin 製作人
"The Bitch is Back" Miley Cyrus Restoration: The Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin 製作人
"Amen" Lil Wayne Creed II: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Co-producer/詞曲作家
"Shallow" Lady Gaga A Star Is Born Soundtrack 詞曲作家
"No Choir" Florence and the Machine High as Hope 詞曲作家
"So Sad So Sexy" Lykke Li So Sad So Sexy 詞曲作家
2017 "Perfect Places" Lorde Melodrama (Lorde album) Co-producer
"First Time" Kacy Hill Like a Woman 詞曲作家
"Doesn't Have to Be That Way" Liam Gallagher As You Were 詞曲作家
"Come Back to Me"
"Paper Crown"
"Wall of Glass"
"Chinatown" 製作人/詞曲作家
"Heaven" liv Heaven 詞曲作家/製作人
2016 "Dream Awake" Dream Awake
"Wings of Love (Tantra Version feat. Jasbir Jassi)" Wings of Love (Tantra Version)
"Wings of Love" Wings of Love
"Wild Season" Banks & Steelz Anything But Words 製作人/詞曲作家
"Wish That You Were Here" Florence + The Machine Original Soundtrack for the film Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children 詞曲作家
"The Heart of Me" Miike Snow iii 製作人/詞曲作家
"Genghis Khan"
"Heart Is Full"
"For U" (feat. Charli XCX)
"I Feel the Weight"
"Back of the Car"
"Lonely Life"
"Over and Over"
"Longshot (7 Nights)"
"My Trigger"
"Heart Is Full" (Remix feat. Run the Jewels) "Heart Is Full (Remix)"
"Empire Underground" The Big Pink Empire Underground 詞曲作家
"Decoy" 製作人/詞曲作家
"Everyday Life" Lion Babe Begin 製作人/詞曲作家
2015 "New Love" Dua Lipa Dua Lipa Co-producer/詞曲作家
"Some Minds" (feat. Andrew Wyatt) Flume Some Minds Featured artist/詞曲作家
"Little Ballerina" Emile Haynie We Fall 詞曲作家
"Who to Blame" (feat. Randy Newman)
"Come Find Me" (feat. Lykke Li and Romy)
"Nobody Believes You" (feat. Andrew Wyatt and Colin Blunstone) Featured artist/詞曲作家
"Falling Apart" (feat. Andrew Wyatt and Brian Wilson)
"Dreams" Beck "Dreams" (single) 詞曲作家
"Hand in the Fire" (feat. Charli XCX) Mr. Oizo Hand in the Fire 詞曲作家
"Heavy and Rolling" (feat. Andrew Wyatt) Mark Ronson Uptown Special Featured artist/詞曲作家
"The Heart of You" Anna Calvi Original Soundtrack for the film Insurgent 詞曲作家
2014 "Push" (feat. Andrew Wyatt) A-Trak Push Featured artist/詞曲作家
"Die Tonight" Charli XCX Sucker 詞曲作家
"I Need Ur Luv"
2013 "Horse Latitudes" Andrew Wyatt Descender 製作人/詞曲作家
"Harlem Boyzz"
"Cluster Subs"
"She's Changed"
"And Septimus..."
"It Won't Let You Go"
"Descender (Death of 1000 Cuts)"
"In Paris They Know How to Build a Monument"
"There Is a Spring"
"Empty Church" (feat. Andrew Wyatt) Creep Echoes Featured artist/詞曲作家
2012 "Remedy" (feat. Miike Snow) Crookers From Then Until Now Featured artist/詞曲作家
"When I Was Your Man" Bruno Mars Unorthodox Jukebox 詞曲作家
"Enter the Jokers Lair" Miike Snow Happy to You 製作人/詞曲作家
"The Wave"
"Devil's Work"
"God Help This Divorce"
"Bavarian #1 (Say You Will)"
"Black Tin Box" (feat. Lykke Li)
"Paddling Out"
2011 "Dazed" Daniel Merriweather Original Soundtrack for the film Arthur 製作人/詞曲作家
2010 "Change" Love & War Co-producer/詞曲作家
"For Your Money" Love & Money 詞曲作家
"Je Regrette, Je Regrette" Carl Barât Carl Barât 詞曲作家/mixing-engineer
"The Magus"
"Ode to a Girl"
"What Have I Done"
"Somebody to Love Me" (feat. Andrew Wyatt and Boy George) Mark Ronson & the Business Intl Record Collection Featured artist/詞曲作家
"Grenade" Bruno Mars Doo-Wops & Hooligans 詞曲作家
2009 "Animal" Miike Snow Miike Snow 製作人/詞曲作家
"Song for No One"
"Black & Blue"
"Sans Soleil"
"Cult Logic"
"Plastic Jungle"
"In Search Of"
"The Rabbit"
"Billie Holiday"
"No Starry World"
2007 "Pop! Goes My Heart" Hugh Grant Original Soundtrack for the film Music and Lyrics 製作人/詞曲作家
"Buddha's Delight" Haley Bennett 詞曲作家
"Entering Bootytown" 詞曲作家
"Invincible" 製作人/詞曲作家
2005 "Shine" Ricky Fanté Original Soundtrack for the film Robots 詞曲作家
2003 "Deep City Diver" The A.M. The A.M. 詞曲作家
"If I Was the Sheriff"


佢喺倫敦RAK Studios


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