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English: Flag of Ghana
العربية: علم مالي
Cymraeg: Baner Ghana
Deutsch: Die Flagge Ghanas.
Esperanto: Flago de Ganao
Français : Drapeau du Ghana
Gaeilge: Bratach Ghána
Gàidhlig: Bratach Ghàna
Igbo: Flag ndi Ghana
Kernowek: Baner Ghana
Wolof: Raaya bu Gana
Yorùbá: Àsìá ilẹ̀ Ghana
한국어: 가나의 국기
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The colours green, yellow and red originated from the Ethiopian flag. Permission was asked from the Emperor Haille Selassie if the colours could be used, it was replied yes but as long as the colours were put the other way round as to the Ethiopian flag (green yellow red).



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