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Derivative works of this file: Flag map of Serbia (without Kosovo).svg

SVG genesis
Sodipodi Logo-V.svg
This flag was created with Sodipodi.


Public domain
This work is in the public domain because according to the Copyright Law of Serbia (details), "Work is not copyrighted if the work is:
  1. Laws, decrees and other regulations;
  2. Official materials of state bodies and bodies performing public functions;
  3. Official translations of regulations and official materials of state bodies and bodies performing public functions;
  4. Submissions and other documents presented in the administrative or court proceedings."
A source should be included so that the status can be verified.

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Coat of arms of Serbia small.svg

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Flag of Serbia.svg
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2010年12月27號 (一) 07:25響2010年12月27號 (一) 07:25嘅縮圖版本1,350 × 900(1.45 MB)Zscout370There was a lot of issues code wise with the first file with the new design. Trying to fix those, kept colors.
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