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MusicBrainz release group at MusicBrainz (list of releases)

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This template provides a link to a specified MusicBrainz release group page, via its permanent link. If you do not provide an id, the template will automatically try and use one from Wikidata.


{{MusicBrainz release group|mbid=|name=}}

For singles, use

{{MusicBrainz release group|mbid=|name=|type=single}}


Albums, EPs, etc[編輯]

{{MusicBrainz release group|mbid=1b4f4b3c-ca01-37b7-af1d-3e37989f86ad|name=Tonight: Franz Ferdinand}}

Tonight: Franz Ferdinand at MusicBrainz (list of releases)


Articles about singles should preferably link to the MusicBrainz page about the song in addition to the single. To link to a song/composition (not the recording), use {{MusicBrainz work}}.

{{MusicBrainz release group|mbid=4a3a2531-3638-3bee-b11c-2268957faf10|name=Mercy|type=single}}

"Mercy" at MusicBrainz (list of releases)

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