Template:Unknown parameters category

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This template is a page header for a category page that is populated by Module:Check for unknown parameters.

To use it, add the following to the category page:

where TEMPLATE_NAME is the name of the template the category is tracking.

The header displays message boxes, a table of contents, and will add the category page to Category:Unknown parameters. When the first word of TEMPLATE_NAME is Infobox, the template also adds the category page to Category:Infoboxes with unknown parameters.

Full syntax
{{Unknown parameters category|1= |catsort= |is_infobox= |infobox_sort= }}
Parameter options


{{Unknown parameters category|Infobox writer}} (see Category:Pages using Infobox writer with unknown parameters):

呢個分類底下嘅頁面用咗Template:Infobox writer (talk)當中唔存在嘅參數。


個模用咗Module:Check for unknown parameters嚟檢查有無用緊未知參數。為咗展示上述嘅資訊,開版新嘅追蹤分類嗰時,請喺分類頁入面擺{{Unknown parameters category}}。

(This example would also add the category page to Category:Unknown parameters and Category:Infoboxes with unknown parameters).