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呢頁係個網上私有同埋自由資源嘅目錄,你可研究時能用得到. For advice on Wikipedia-specific tools, see Wikipedia:Researching with Wikipedia. The page has a section of resources that are offered and one of resources that are wanted. These sections are separated into subsections for specific resource types.

These are not public domain resources. They may be helpful references, but you are not allowed to copy material directly from these sources.

Please add your own resources in the appropriate section and provide as much detail as possible about:

  • version of the resource
  • storage form of the resource (paper, CD-ROM, online archive etc.)

It is assumed that these resources are available to you for free or that you are willing to cover any costs. Users should note that these shared usage offers, unless otherwise noted, are only valid for Wikipedia purposes.




  • 國立編譯館學術名詞資訊網[3]
  • Abbreviations-MIT [4]
  • HK Dictionary [5]
  • HKMA [6]
  • HKII [7]
  • RichMall 理財精算網 [8]
  • Investopedia [9]
  • 博文翻譯 [10]
  • 【英語】會計術語 [11]
  • 法律詞彙漢英互譯 [12]
  • 商業經濟金銀島 [13]
  • 翻譯中國 [14]
  • 辭霸 [15]
  • 財政部台北市國稅局外僑稅務翻譯詞彙 [16]

English and others - Offered resources[編輯]


German language[編輯]

  • Der Spiegel (weekly newsmagazine)
    • Electronic access from 1986 to present (without pictures): Eloquence
    • CD-ROM archives 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001 (with pictures): Eloquence
  • Konkret (monthly leftist magazine)
  • Taz (daily newspaper)
    • Electronic access from 1986 to present: Eloquence
  • German news agencies
    • Various, electronic access from 1998 to present: Eloquence

English language[編輯]


General Reference[編輯]

Science databooks[編輯]

  • CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 77th edition (1997) (chemical and physical data on just about anything): DrBob

Writing and Publishing[編輯]

Chicago Manual of Style, 14th edition (1993): Centrx


Oxford Companion to Philosophy (1995): Centrx


A large (150-200 books) private library (print) on the subject 'voyages of discovery'. Especially interesting Raymond John Howgego: Encyclopedia of Exploration to 1800 (2003). - Andre Engels

Wanted resources[編輯]

Currently none.

Free online resources[編輯]

Free online English Language dictionaries:

  • Merriam-Webster American English as main entries, but include British English as 'See-also' entries. Dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Cambridge Dictionary a British dictionary, also recognises American spellings. Dictionary.
    • One click will switch you to one of the following Cambridge dictionaries: American, Learner's, Idioms, Phrasal Verbs, French / English, Spanish / English (just follow the link above).
  • One Look To search many online dictionaries at once, great for American and British English, check spellings and definitions. Dictionary and thesaurus.
  • can check American and British spelling - refers to several other dictionaries, this is the spell checker used by google. Dictionary and thesaurus.
  • Language-reference Cross-foreign-language lexicon powered by its own search engine. All cross combinations between French, German, Italian, Latin and Spanish.


  • Google
    • Google scholar Searches peer-reviewed sources.
    • Bodnotbod's British media search
      • Click it to restrict your Google search to:
      • Once you have clicked you can drag the favicon to your links bar for future quick access or just add to your favourites.
      • Add further sites simply by adding OR to the end of the search in the Google input box; add no search terms; press return; then bookmark or what-have-you.
  • The largest part of this website is a collection of scientific essays written by high school students on various topics.
  • PubMed Entrez Global Query Cross-Database Search System. Free access to biomedical databases: online science textbooks, clinical trials, biomedical literature, Human genome, protein structure, taxonomy, etc. Put out by the National Library of Medicine.
  • Find Articles from LookSmart.
    • Search results usually include free access to articles (esp sourced from British newspapers and magazines) not found through Google, including articles that pre-date widespread use of the Internet and even from the late 80s.

Election statistics[編輯]

See also[編輯]