Cameron Walker-Wright

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Cameron Walker-Wright
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出世Cameron Alexander Francis Walker-Wright
(1989-04-24) 1989年4月24號(34歲)
Southport, Connecticut
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相關團體Twin XL, Nekokat, Animal Fiction, Weatherstar, The Ready Set

Cameron Alexander Francis Walker-Wright[1]1989年4月24號—;又叫Cameron Walker),係美國男歌手、詞曲作家、音樂製作人。佢依家同John Gomez同埋Stephen Gomez喺Twin XL樂隊入面[2]


2012年,佢嘅樂隊his band Nineteen 80 Five (1985)[3]Songs Music Publishing簽約[4]

喺2012年至2018年,佢為單人樂團The Ready Set彈結他、低音電結他同寫歌[5]


年份 計劃 專輯 單曲
2009 Weatherstar Weatherstar


Crystal Ball



Christmas Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (A Weatherstar Holiday Collection)

Out In The Rain

Covers EP


For The First Time (Cover)


All Talk

2012 Brothers 12 Degrees
2012 1985 Congratulations

Everything's Perfect

Summer Forever

Days Like This

2012 The Ready Set (touring member)

I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love (Songwriter)

Disappearing Act (Songwriter)
2014 Animal Fiction Animal Fiction EP

Yellow! Pink! Green!

Happy Thoughts

We'll Go Places

Anything Can Happen

I Really Like It Cold

Oh No!


Real Again

Start Again (2020, Writer)

Enjoy The Ride

Lone Wolf

2015 Bye Bye Take Me Home
2016 Cameron Walker Just Come Home
2017 Nekokat Communication

Communication II

Pleasure Beach

Boys Don't Cry


Haunted (Acoustic)

Bella, Goodbye



Up In Smoke


2018 Alexander Francis I'm Sorry
2018 Twin XL How To Talk To Strangers Messy

Messy (Extended Version)




Lonely (with Little Hurt & Rad Horror)

Slow Heart


年份 藝人 專輯
2012 We The Kings Somewhere Somehow Say It Now
2013 Age Of Days radioactivity Ready To Go
2014 The Kettles You're Not You Soundtrack Finally Free
2014 Heffron Drive Happy Mistakes Had to be Panama
2014 Sabrina Carpenter Eyes Wide Open We'll be the Stars
2015 Wish I Was Wish I Was Cutting Ties
2015 All Time Low Future Hearts Cinderblock Garden
2015 David Hodges The December Sessions, Vol. 3 Under The Influence
The Other Road
The Only Story
2016 David Hodges The December Sessions, Vol. 4 Lovers In Orbit
2016 Sophia Kameron Connected Connected
2016 Borgeous 13 Over the Edge
2016 Tor Miller All Fall Down
2016 The Summer Set Stories For Monday All In
2016 Tonight Alive Limitless How Does It Feel
2016 Arrows to Athens Exile City Of Angels
2016 The Ready Set I Will Be Nothing Without Your Love Dissappearing Act
Run With Me
2017 Outasight Ritchie Feel Good
2018 Lindsey Stirling Warmer In The Winter Time To Fall In Love
2018 The Ready Set V1 Life In Pink
Let U Go
2018 The Ready Set V2 Stitch
2018 Animal Island Animalistic Imagine All You Can Do
2018 The Mowglis I was Starting to Wonder I Feel Good About This
2018 Cade Foehner Breathe Out
2018 Vanessa Mai Schlager Vergessen dich zu vergessen
2018 Set it Off Midnight Lonely Dance
2019 Saint PHYNX Sorry
2019 Onlychild solstice, part 2. Royal Blue
2019 Derek Hough Say It Now
2019 Dreamers Launch Fly Land Dizzy
2019 Mannequin Online So Cool
2019 Little Hurt It's Okay Not To Be Okay
2020 Set it Off After Midnight So Predictable
2020 Animal Fiction Like I Do
2020 Animal Fiction Start Again
2020 Em Rossi The Other Side
2020 The Veil Batwoman Soundtrack Welcome To My World
2020 Paper Jackets Drugs & Honey
2020 Onlychild Thank Me Later
2020 Little Hurt Every Second My Head Hurts
2021 Future Coyote Get To Work
2021 Little Luna therapy
2021 Little Hurt Every Second I Don't Wanna Be Here


年份 藝人
2014 tyDi Apollo
2015 Wish I Was Cutting Ties

Now I Know

End Of Faith

2016 Wish I Was We're Better Than This

Stop This

The Bubble

Kill Me

We Can't Go On Like This

I Want To Believe

2016 tyDi Sharpest Weapon

All I Ever Knew

2017 Wish I Was This Could Be It?
2018 Animal Island New Classic

All You Can Do

2018 tyDi Everything I See
2020 Animal Island Undefined

Live Loud

2020 American Teeth Barred Out [Feat. Twin XL]


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