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唔該喺討論頁傾下點改或要求解鎖。你亦可以喺討論頁{{editprotected}} 叫管理員幫你改。

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就咁加{{Lowercase}} at the top of a page (and optionally, at the top of its talk page). There are no parameters. The tag will only decapitalize the first letter of the page's name in the title at the top of the page. Examples:

版名 結果係
EBay, IPod, etc. eBay, iPod, etc.
  • Attention: Please do not Subst: this template.


This template wraps the magic word DISPLAYTITLE so that it works automatically in any namespace (main, talk, template, etc.) to decapitalise the first letter of the name of a page it is transcluded on. (Previously, this template achieved this using JavaScript, but the DISPLAYTITLE method makes the change for all users, even those with JavaScript disabled in their browser).

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