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Discogs label discography at Discogs

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This template displays an external link to Discogs' label of releases in audio format, listing all releases for the given label.


{{Discogs label}}
{{Discogs label|LABEL}}
{{Discogs label|label=LABEL}}
{{Discogs label|LABEL|LABELNAME}}
{{Discogs label|LABEL|name=LABELNAME}}
{{Discogs label|label=LABEL|name=LABELNAME}}

If the label name is not provided, then the first value from Wikidata will be used. If the Wikidata item does not have any Discogs label ID (P1955) data, or there is no Wikidata item for the article, then the article title will be used to generate a link.


Labelname same on both sites
For "XL Recordings" at http://www.discogs.com/label/XL+Recordings you use:
* {{Discogs label}}
* {{Discogs label|label=XL Recordings}} (canonically)
Labelname different on Discogs site, display the name as on Discogs
For "Beggars Banquet Records" at http://www.discogs.com/label/Beggars+Banquet you use:
* {{Discogs label|Beggars Banquet}}
* {{Discogs label|label=Beggars Banquet}} (canonically)
Labelname different on Discogs site, display the name as on Wikipedia or something else
For "Solid State Records (jazz label)" at http://www.discogs.com/label/Solid+State+Records+(2) you use:
* {{Discogs label|Solid State Records (2)|Solid State Records}}
* {{Discogs label|Solid State Records (2)|name=Solid State Records}}
* {{Discogs label|label=Solid State Records (2)|name=Solid State Records}} (canonically)