***UNDER DEVELOPMENT*** Following a major upgrade there may be some glitches in this template. Please let [[User talk:Le Deluge|User:Le Deluge]] know if you find any pages with problems. This template is for categories only - originally intended for football seasons etc which span two years but the new version is much more flexible. Automatically creates a navbox linking to 3 seasons either side assuming that PAGENAME is of the form "(foo) 2015(-16) (bar)". Foo, bar and -16 are all now optional and it now works with decades so it can cope with eg {{cl|1999 in Scotland}}, {{cl|Austrian football clubs 1999-2000 season}} and {{cl|Novels set in the 1990s}}. It only works from 1000AD onwards, and it can only handle nnnn-nn in consecutive years, so 2000-01 works but not 2000-05 which you get in eg parliament categories.