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Hazewinkel, Michiel, 編 (2001), "Springer", Encyclopaedia of Mathematics, Kluwer Academic Publishers, ISBN 978-1556080104

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This template adds an external link to an article in SpringerLink, an online encyclopedia based on the Encyclopaedia of Mathematics.


All parameters are optional.

 | title=
 | id= 
 | last=
 | first=
 | author-link=
 | last2=
 | first2=
 | author2-link=
  • title (or article): Title of the article
  • id: Springer's id number for the article, which is part of the url. For example the article http://eom.springer.de/f/f041470.htm would have id=f/f041470
  • last (or last1): The first author's surname or last name.
  • first (or first1): The first author's first or given name(s).
  • author-link (or author1-link): Title of an existing Wikipedia article about the first author.
  • last2, The second author's surname or last name, if applicable.
  • first2, The second authors' first or given name(s), if applicable.
  • author2-link: Title of an existing Wikipedia article about the second author, if applicable.

Examples and usage[編輯]

Suppose you want to add an external link to Springer's article on Fredholm theorems. The title of this article is "Fredholm theorem" and the object id is f/f041470. The code

* {{springer|id=f/f041470|title=Fredholm theorems|first=B.V.|last= Khvedelidze}}

will produce the link

The code

* {{springer|id=v/v096710|title=Virasoro algebra|first=V.|last=Kac|authorlink=Victor Kac}}

will produce

The code

*{{springer|id=I/i050650|title=Index formulas|first=M.I. |last=Voitsekhovskii|first2=M.A.|last2=Shubin}}

will produce

The Harvard citation templates (with year 2001) will produce internal links; for example {{harv|Kac|2001}} produces the link (Kac 2001), and {{harv|Voitsekhovskii|Shubin|2001}} produces (Voitsekhovskii & Shubin 2001).