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直接將爾個模 {{Unreliable sources|date=2月 2024}} 加到文章頂部啲hatnotes下面就得。不過為徂方便其他用戶,強烈建議先用 {{Verify credibility|date=2月 2024}} 標出參考來源唔穩陣嘅段落,再喺文章頂部加爾個模。

如果淨係某一章某一節啲參考來源唔穩陣嘅話,可以加 {{Unreliable sources|章節名|date=2月 2024}}

This template adds tagged articles to Category:Articles lacking reliable references, or one of its dated subcategories.

If you want to specify that only some, but not all of the used sources are possibly unreliable, add some=yes. If IMDb is one of the sources, add imdb=yes.


The following templates redirect here:

  • {{Badsources}}
  • {{Reliable sources}}
  • {{Reliable-sources}}
  • {{Reliablesources}}
  • {{Unreliable}}
  • {{Unreliablesources}}

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