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Template:Wikidata image may be added to infobox templates to implement tracking of articles using the infobox which might be improved by adding an image. When an article uses the infobox without an image, but the article's Wikidata has an image name, the article is added to a hidden tracking categories (維基數據有相關嘅相而呢度未有). Once an image is added to the infobox, the article is removed from the category. The template also allows excluding individual articles from the category without adding an image.



Add the following to a template (if necessary, change "image" to whatever parameter name that template uses to display an image):

<includeonly>{{Wikidata image |1={{{image|}}} }}</includeonly>

To allow individual articles using the template to be excluded from the tracking category, add the following instead:

<includeonly>{{Wikidata image |1={{{image|}}} |2={{{nocat_wdimage|}}} }}</includeonly>


This template accepts two unnamed parameters:

  1. (required) If no value is assigned, adds the tracking category. This should be the parameter name used by the infobox to display an image, usually {{{image|}}}.
  2. (optional) If any value is assigned, does not add the tracking category. This should be a parameter name used by the infobox to exclude an individual article from the category, usually {{{nocat_wdimage|}}}.


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