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doc included in framework[編輯]

from meta:talk:pywikipedibot

I extracted the documentation included in with this :

import wikipedia
import codecs

manuel = file("manuel.txt", "w")
doc = wikipedia.__doc__

for ligne in doc:

Maybe one can include this somewhere ?

Library to get and put pages on a MediaWiki.

Contents of the library (objects and functions to be used outside, situation
late August 2004)

Page: A MediaWiki page
    __init__              : Page(Site, Title) - the page with title Title on wikimedia site Site
    title                 : The name of the page, in a form suitable for an interwiki link
    urlname               : The name of the page, in a form suitable for a URL
    titleWithoutNamespace : The name of the page, with the namespace part removed
    section               : The section of the page (the part of the name after '#')
    sectionFreeTitle      : The name without the section part
    aslink                : The name of the page in the form [[Title]] or [[lang:Title]]
    site                  : The wiki this page is in
    encoding              : The encoding of the page
    isAutoTitle           : If the title is a well known, auto-translatable title
    autoFormat            : Returns (dictName, value), where value can be a year, date, etc.,
                            and dictName is 'YearBC', 'December', etc.
    isCategory            : True if the page is a category, false otherwise
    isImage               : True if the page is an image, false otherwise

    get (*)               : The text of the page
    exists (*)            : True if the page actually exists, false otherwise
    isRedirectPage (*)    : True if the page is a redirect, false otherwise
    isEmpty (*)           : True if the page has 4 characters or less content, not
                            counting interwiki and category links
    interwiki (*)         : The interwiki links from the page (list of Pages)
    categories (*)        : The categories the page is in (list of Pages)
    linkedPages (*)       : The normal pages linked from the page (list of Pages)
    imagelinks (*)        : The pictures on the page (list of Pages)
    templates (*)         : All templates referenced on the page (list of strings)
    getRedirectTarget (*) : The page the page redirects to
    isDisambig (*)        : True if the page is a disambiguation page
    getReferences         : List of pages linking to the page
    namespace             : The namespace in which the page is
    permalink (*)         : The url of the permalink of the current version
    move                  : Move the page to another title

    put(newtext)          : Saves the page
    delete                : Deletes the page (requires being logged in)

    (*) : This loads the page if it has not been loaded before; permalink might
          even reload it if it has been loaded before

Site: a MediaWiki site
    messages              : There are new messages on the site
    forceLogin(): Does not continue until the user has logged in to the site
    getUrl(): Retrieve an URL from the site

    Special pages:
        Dynamic pages:
            allpages(): Special:Allpages
            newpages(): Special:Newpages
            longpages(): Special:Longpages
            shortpages(): Special:Shortpages
            categories(): Special:Categories

        Cached pages:
            deadendpages(): Special:Deadendpages
            ancientpages(): Special:Ancientpages
            lonelypages(): Special:Lonelypages
            uncategorizedcategories(): Special:Uncategorizedcategories
            uncategorizedpages(): Special:Uncategorizedpages
            unusedcategories(): Special:Unusuedcategories

Other functions:
getall(): Load pages via Special:Export
setAction(text): Use 'text' instead of "Wikipedia python library" in
argHandler(text): Checks whether text is an argument defined on
    (these are -family, -lang, -log and others)
translate(xx, dict): dict is a dictionary, giving text depending on language,
    xx is a language. Returns the text in the most applicable language for
    the xx: wiki

output(text): Prints the text 'text' in the encoding of the user's console.
input(text): Asks input from the user, printing the text 'text' first.
showDiff(oldtext, newtext): Prints the differences between oldtext and newtext
    on the screen

getLanguageLinks(text,xx): get all interlanguage links in wikicode text 'text'
    in the form xx:pagename
removeLanguageLinks(text): gives the wiki-code 'text' without any interlanguage
replaceLanguageLinks(oldtext, new): in the wiki-code 'oldtext' remove the
    language links and replace them by the language links in new, a dictionary
    with the languages as keys and either Pages or titles as values
getCategoryLinks(text,xx): get all category links in text 'text' (links in the
    form xx:pagename)
removeCategoryLinks(text,xx): remove all category links in 'text'
replaceCategoryLinks(oldtext,new): replace the category links in oldtext by
    those in new (new a list of category Pages)
stopme(): Put this on a bot when it is not or not communicating with the Wiki
    any longer. It will remove the bot from the list of running processes,
    and thus not slow down other bot threads anymore.