Wikipedia:城市論壇 (消息)/歸檔/2012年6月

Archive 呢版係以往討論嘅歸檔,請唔好改呢版。如果你想發起新嘅討論或者重開家下嘅討論,請係家下討論頁做,唔該。

呢次嘅歸檔係由Shinjiman2015年11月18號 (三) 01:50 (UTC)做嘅。[回覆]

Pending MediaWiki namespace changes[編輯]

There is a request to change the names of MediaWiki namespaces for the Yue language. As this is a change that is hard to undo, we are looking for conformation from the community that this is what you want. The changes can be found in this "Gerrit document".

We are looking for an answer by April 5th. Thanks, Gmeijssen (傾偈) 2012年3月25號 (日) 10:16 (UTC)[回覆]