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無「AIDS virus」呢樣嘢,只有HIV或AIDS。我地應查清楚係英文維基百科錯定係原文係咁。--Hillgentleman | ---2007年02月15號 (星期四), 格林尼治標準 07點28分40秒

The idea that AIDS virus is short for the Virus that causes AIDS, and that virus' name is HIV. After looking at the original essay, I think the author try to say the diseases itself that is AIDS .

The original peom Atlantis: Poems (1995), Mark Doty is concerning the status of his diseases caused by the HIV.

1.40 and I swear sometimes 
1.41 when I put my head to his chest
1.42 I can hear the virus humming

Therefore, take it to mean AIDS is okay. --WikiCantona 2007年2月15日 (四) 07:49 (UTC)

  • 咁應該叫HIV?(但有人-例如 搞數論嘅Serge Lang- 認為HIV導致AIDS嘅證據未足)。--Hillgentleman | ---2007年02月15號 (星期四), 格林尼治標準 07點54分31秒

May be so, It depends on your stand whether to translate the page (be objective) or to translate but make correction to the wrong sentence. This is, your aim to translate: Loyal to the original text or Loyal to the fact that you think is correct. It is up to you.--WikiCantona 2007年2月15日 (四) 09:37 (UTC)