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『未嫁之前』may be repetitive, but people often say that and 『嫁咗之後』。--WikiCantona 2007年8月16號 (四) 08:32 (UTC)

  • Ok。(個人意見 :呢樣係小問題。)但總之照計大家都接受得到「未嫁時」或嫁之前,但有人唔接受未嫁之前(唔合邏輯/語意, 唔止repetitive)。
  • 講嘢會咁講,應該係人腦處理語言嘅問題,但寫字就唔使跟住講嘢來錯。* -- :-) Hillgentleman | | 二零零七年八月十六號(星期四)格林尼治 08點46分43秒。
  • Agree very much.
  • However, this could be the same reason against the Cantonese wiki. If the writing is very different than the speaking, then the Cantonese wikipedia is unnecessary, Chinese wiki is enough. Anyway, IMHO, I write Cantonese wiki as closed to speaking as possible. --WikiCantona 2007年8月16號 (四) 11:45 (UTC)
  • 1. YOu are mistaken. Cantonese is linguistically an independent entity.
  • 2. Yes. But which kind of speech? A public talk, not causual speech, is an wikipedia article. In a pubic talk, with ample time to prepare, one should strive to eliminate the logical mistakes.* -- :-) Hillgentleman | | 二零零七年八月十六號(星期四)格林尼治 22點51分17秒。