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This template is used to display English International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). The pronunciation is broken into individual diaphonemes so that they will have tooltips (mouse-over text) to indicate pronunciation. All diaphonemes from Help:IPA/English are available.

The transcription system of Help:IPA/English, upon which this template relies, is diaphonemic, i.e. meant to cover multiple major varieties of English at once. If you wish to give a narrow transcription of a pronunciation in a certain variety of English, use {{IPA-endia}} or {{IPA-all}} instead.

The initial argument (entry after |) can be used to indicate a pronunciation prescript; link to IPA. The codes are:

Pronunciation & IPA link codes
Code Output
lang English:
local locally
ipa IPA:
also also
uk UK:
us US:
uklang British English:
uslang American English:
ukalso UK also
usalso US also
alsouk also UK:
alsous also US:

The first argument that is not a code above will be treated as a diaphoneme. All diaphonemes listed at Help:IPA/English are available (except the ones that span two syllables such as /iə/, which need to be input as i|ə). Also available are /ɪəˈr/, /ɛəˈr/, /ʊəˈr/, /ɪəˌr/, /ɛəˌr/, and /ʊəˌr/, preserved for when a centering diphthong precedes a stress.

Separator codes
Use an underscore _ to separate words. When multiple pronunciations for the same word(s) are possible, use a comma and an underscore ,_ to separate the variants which will appear as a comma. As necessary, use a hyphen - to indicate omitted syllables. Diaphonemes are underlined, but separators are not, and separators do not have any tooltip text.

See the table below for a full list of diaphoneme codes.

The named parameter |audio= may be used to link to an audio file. By default, two links are created: one to the audio file itself and one to the File page. If the audio file is licensed as CC0 or public domain, you can use |attribution=no to make it only link to the audio file.


Examples using SAMPA spelling for individual diaphonemes:

If "[invalid input]" is displayed, it means that an unsupported input was used. Such instances are tallied at Category:Ill-formatted IPAc-en transclusions, where they can be reviewed and fixed.

Notations with audio links will appear under Category:Pages including recorded pronunciations.



TemplateData for IPAc-en嘅TemplateData




Audio fileaudio

The audio file without the "File:" prefix

Attribution linkattribution

Set attribution to "no" to only display a speaker icon that links directly to the audio file (with no link to the File page).



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