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A discussion is needed[編輯]

For the template changes, it's adopted from en:Template:Translation. It's not quite acceptable that many articles are just use the Translation template, without providing the translation source, and they are abusing the usage of the template (this is is especially happened on this template, which adopted from the old revision in the Chinese Wikipedia). As I only changed the layout of the template, it depends on the source is provided or not. If the source parameter is provided, it will shown the source that included in the article, and the translation progress can be included in the template also, by providing the second parameter. btw please see the 新世紀福音戰士 article for the example. :) --Shinjiman 2007年6月10號 (日) 23:57 (UTC)Reply[回覆]

People have good reasons and are in good faith to change things. That is not the point. The problem that the changes created are not intended or anticipated by the changer. The plain result is that the translation tag in the article are confusing and meanigless in many situations. Anyway, anyway to fix it quickly the easy way other revert the changes or replaced the template in article manually? May I ask a question first, what is the purpose of the link theArticle/問? I don't get it. What is the purpose of this template anyway, in it plain form, 中國 for example makes no sense at all--WikiCantona 2007年6月11號 (一) 00:49 (UTC)Reply[回覆]

The link to the Wikipedia:翻譯 is intended to link to the subpage of the translation requests, it's similar to en:Wikipedia:Translation. However it is not quite done yet, I will create that later. It is confusing that the editor/creator adds the {{Translation}} tag without telling where the translation source is, this would makes the problem, and confuses other readers, and thinks about "Where this article translated from?". As my changes, it has changed that the translation source parameter becomes mandatory, other than the optional values. --Shinjiman 2007年6月11號 (一) 01:21 (UTC)Reply[回覆]

Article without source parameter are the majority. The editor or creator might have created unknown sources problem. This existing problem in the existing articles will not easily be fixed by introducing the manadatory parameters. In the meantime, it creates some new problem of confusion, it breaks the previous articles. Is there any way to improve the Template such that it will work in the existing non-parametered articles, yet to prevent the "no source problem" in the future ? --WikiCantona 2007年6月11號 (一) 01:59 (UTC)Reply[回覆]


簡化個模啦不如?WP:翻譯根本冇人打理。所以我建議廢除畀條鏈人開版求翻譯嘅做法。參考英文版revamp,個模嘅功能就係1 出條橫額 2 加個追蹤類 3 如果有畀source,畀條link過去。--Roy17 (傾偈) 2018年11月29號 (四) 21:03 (UTC)Reply[回覆]