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Tiffany dragonfly lamp with pigeon sculptures對批評維基百科嘅回應

  • 「粵語只係方言,唔係語言。冇人會用粵語嚟學嘢。所以粵語唔配有維基百科。」
    • It is a false statement to say noone uses Cantonese to learn. Teachers has been teaching many concepts in class in Cantonese for years.
  • 「粵語好粗鄙,用粵語寫出嚟嘅出版物都只係用嚟發表意見。用嚟寫中立嘅百科全書簡直嘥氣。」
    • Thanks for the opinion. 用粵語寫嘢保留粵語嘅神髓。
  • 「識睇粵語嘅一定識睇書面中文。既然已經有中文維基百科,搞個粵語版出嚟係多餘嘅。」
    • It is very interesting that knowledge is depending on the language itself. What is defined in standard Chinese automatically marginalizes or even excludes the Cantonese depending knowledge. "Standard Chinese" has been developed based on the Beijing dialect. Many concepts were taken from that dialect without any modification. As a result, particular concepts in Cantonese were replaced with similar Beijingese concepts, yet their historality is different from the beginning. The richness of the "dialect" was reduced. More importantly, some words or concepts in the "dialect" are deemed too vulgar to express anything in written form and to leave it in the spoken form. That is, a form of censorship.
    • Maybe, we can find a way to accommodate all the differences in the article. However, it is my personal opinion that the trouble is too much for many to bother given the complicated condition of simplified and tradtional forms. It is much simplier to start a Cantonese wiki.
Wikipedia is about freedom, not about unity.
  • I like this quote very much. It was a reply to an accusation that the Cantonese Wiki took resources away from Chinese Wiki.