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I did many bot-links in the past month and would like to request a bot flag. Can we have a vote on this? Thijs!bot 2006年9月29日 (五) 07:13 (UTC)

Some short addition. The bot adds interwikilinks on many many wikipedia's, among which all which have more than 10,000 pages except for ja: . It will do automatic changes which are easy and unambigious, and also works manually assisted on more difficult cases. Thijs!bot 2006年9月29日 (五) 15:39 (UTC)
The Thijs!bot was started editing since 31 August 2006, and it's used about 1 month for testing in the trial period, and running without any problem. Hence a bot flag has been set for this bot account. Have a happy editing. :) --Shinjiman 2006年9月30日 (六) 01:12 (UTC)