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I'd like to request a flag for this bot --VolkovBot 2007年3月1日 (四) 09:30 (UTC)

討論 Discussion[編輯]

The VolkovBot was started editing since 1 March 2007, and it's used about 1 week for testing in the trial period, and running without any problem. Hence a bot flag has been set for this bot account. Have a happy editing. :) --Shinjiman 2007年3月8日 (四) 08:46 (UTC)
  • In fact there was at least one bug and perhaps two. [1] It started to add interwiki at the head, and failed to noinclude them in a template. Volkov could have fixed it already, but his statement was not too clear. ---Hillgentleman | , 二千七年三月八號(星期四), 格林尼治標準 19點32分10秒
    • I am sorry that I misread his statement. I think he means that he would fix the links manually if the error occurs.---Hillgentleman | , 二千七年三月八號(星期四), 格林尼治標準 19點42分34秒