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  • 維基百科鼓勵勇於修改,所以放膽寫!「維基百科五大支柱」係百科、中立、內容自由、行為規範,同埋:無死板嘅規則。
  • 維基百科唔鼓勵搞破壞,如果搞破壞,就有可能俾人封鎖
  • 我哋發展緊用字嘅一套指引《Wikipedia:粵語本字》,你可參攷同埋畀意見。希望你鍾意來呢度寫嘢。
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About the issue of names in cantonese[編輯]

Thanks for your communication about the works, In my opinion the Canton isn't a historical English name although the authorities may wonder to make it true by refreshing the standard of local translation work.In fact you could find the Canton well used in regards to business, economics, and international relations,such as Canton Tower,Canton Fair and so on. You may be confused by the coexistence of two different names but that's the fact, and the "offical" in Chinese(Cantonses either)meaning more in English. The influence of the difference far more could be seen in other parts under the same authorities. I hope you could understand the situation in those works.Sorry for my impertinence before.——Longway22 (傾偈) 2018年11月24號 (六) 02:18 (UTC)