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自動抑或手動協助:/Automatic or Manually Assisted:

  • Automatic

程式語言:/Programming Languages:

  • PHP

功能概要:/Function Summary:

  • Crawl Wikipedia and fix dead links

編輯時段 (例如:連續,每日,一次過): / Edit period(s) (e.g. Continuous, daily, one time run):

  • Continuous

請求編輯頻率:幾耐編輯幾次 / Edit rate requested: X edits per TIME

  • Up to 60 edits per minute, but normally around 10-20 edits per minute depending what needs fixing as it crawls

響第度已經有機械人旗: (Y/N) / Already has a bot flag elsewhere: (Y/N)

  • Y

睇埋:/See also: sulutil:InternetArchiveBot

功能細節:/ Function Details:

  • IABot crawls Wikipedia in the article namespace and scans all links it find on them. If it finds any links that are no longer functional, it will attempt to attach an archive URL to it. Otherwise it will mark it as dead.

源碼: / Source code:

  • Currently found here but will be moved to a new location in the foreseeable future

討論 Discussion[編輯]

Please also see Phab ticket T188206 for details. Also pinging User:Shinjiman.—CYBERPOWER (傾偈) 2018年8月22號 (三) 15:21 (UTC)

Acknowledged, the bot is in the trail period now. Please run that and let us see if any issues raised. Shinjiman 2018年8月24號 (五) 06:13 (UTC)
I've left some test edits.—CYBERPOWER (傾偈) 2018年8月24號 (五) 13:25 (UTC)
@Shinjiman 測試似乎無問題,可以過試用期,畀隻機械人開始自由行動?翹仔 (傾偈) 2018年8月26號 (日) 22:43 (UTC)
一般上都會俾一個星期嘅試用期嘅,繼續睇吓先,如果冇問題嘅話,最快星期三先至會加返支旗。 Shinjiman 2018年8月27號 (一) 00:47 (UTC)
The InternetArchiveBot has been granted bot status after approximately 1 week trail period, have a nice editing. Shinjiman 2018年8月30號 (四) 00:49 (UTC)