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There are four basic processes for deletion and one to review and overturn the outcome of these processes.


Pages can be deleted without any discussion if they meet one of the criteria for speedy deletion. Pages on proposed deletion or deletion discussion (see below) are still subject to speedy deletion, which overrides the other process.

  • Where to find them: A list of all pages flagged for speedy deletion can be found in Category:即刻刪除候選.
  • How to do this: Administrators can delete such pages on sight, even if contested as below. Other editors can request speedy deletion by editing the relevant page to add a speedy deletion template to the top of the page.
  • If you disagree: Anyone except a page's creator may contest the speedy deletion of a page by removing the deletion notice from the page. If a page you created is tagged for speedy deletion, you may add the {{hangon}} tag, and either improve the page or explain your reasoning on the relevant talk page. The tag exists to give you some extra time; the page may still be deleted if it meets the speedy deletion criteria. If a page has been speedily deleted and there is disagreement over whether or not it should have been, this is discussed at deletion review, described below.
  • Renominations: Either a page fits the speedy deletion criteria or it does not. If there is a dispute over whether a page meets the criteria, the issue is typically taken to deletion discussions, mentioned below.



  • 報告侵犯版權嘅地方Wikipedia:版權問題
  • 點報告:For images, add the description page and add {{imagevio}} to the top. 如果係任何其他版面,請將成版內容清走,換做{{copyvio|url=address of copied material}}。如果係擺到明成版都係照抄返來,又檢查過無任何唔侵犯版權嘅舊版本,你可以直接加{{delete|侵犯版權:被侵犯版權嘅地址}},等管理員即刻刪除。
  • 如果你唔同意:請試下聯絡有關文/圖嘅作者,睇下佢哋肯唔肯將佢哋嘅作品release (1) under the GFDL, or (2) into the public domain. Permission to use a work "on Wikipedia only" or "for non-commercial use only" isn't enough, as it is incompatible with our license.
  • Renominations: Recreations of copyrighted content are speedily deleted, as above. It is disruptive to persist in recreating such content.


唔符合上面兩個類別嘅版可以喺討論完之後刪除。This includes contested speedy or proposed deletions. Here, editors who wish to participate can give their opinion on what should be done with the page.

These processes are not decided through a head count, so people are encouraged to explain their opinion and refer to policy. The discussion lasts at least five days; afterwards, pages are deleted if there is consensus to do so. If there is no consensus, the page is kept and is again subject to normal editing, merging or redirecting as appropriate.

喺維基百科出面叫人參加討論來影響結果係唔恰當嘅行為。呢類留言可能會俾人忽略。They are not removed, but may be tagged with {{spa}}, noting that a user "has made few or no other edits". In extreme cases, a deletion debate can be semi-protected.


  • 刪版討論嘅地方:請去刪文討論
  • 點樣發起刪版討論:可以睇程序
  • 如果你唔同意:Go to the relevant process page and explain why you disagree. Do not remove the tag from the page. For more information on this process, read the Wikipedia:Guide to deletion.
  • Renominations: After a deletion debate concludes and the page is kept, users should allow a reasonable amount of time to pass before nominating the same page for deletion again, to give editors the time to improve the page. Renominations shortly after the earlier debate are generally closed quickly. It can be disruptive to repeatedly nominate a page in the hopes of getting a different outcome.