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Image:Crystal kmix.png has been deleted, please use Image:Crystal multimedia.png instead. Timichal 2006年11月12日 (日) 08:58 (UTC)


The small icons picture are good, I don't mind they being there. --WikiCantona 2007年9月17號 (一) 17:36 (UTC)

The small pictures can generally divide into different categories, it's likely work alike as m:Template:Information thread. --Shinjiman 2007年10月4號 (四) 23:16 (UTC)
  • Wikicantona, I do mind their presences. So I would like to know why you think they are good. As I said, the pictures are not informative/useful/iconic. For example, do you remember for what did the pen Image:Crystal xedit.png stand? And then how many times do you need to look at the same picture?
  • Shinjiman, Note that the meta:special:recentchanges page does not use any picture- for it is for maintenance. Anybody who reads the RC is a maintainer, not a visitor - he reads it again and again and again. Icons are not particularly useful for him.
  • Sometimes an informative icon, such as the Foundation logo, is reasonable. Otherwise a picture for its own sake is not useful and only slows down the loading. * -- :-) Hillgentleman | | 二零零七年十月五號(星期五)格林尼治 00點38分44秒。
  • Icons are not just for information, it gives people a quick impression as to what category the announcement belongs. Human mind likes colors and pictures. Icons make the page less dull and a bit more fun. More importantly, whatever an icon "iconic" is relative to its context. Do you member what an airplane icons mean? When the airplane icon on the road sign, it could mean airport. The icons in the airport, it could mean the boarding gate. In a webpage, it could mean anything... Icons is meaningful only in the context. However, in this context (here), their presense may only be ornamental and presenting some maintenance issue. It is good they are here, not bad they aren't. (P.S. Wikipedia's logo is not an icon)--WikiCantona 2007年10月10號 (三) 12:40 (UTC)


呢個版本咪幾好囉,點解又要將中文維基風格Bulletin都搬埋過來?--Kowlooner (傾偈) 2013年7月27號 (六) 11:50 (UTC)

  • 中文維基Bulletin係方便,大家都為維基好。中文維基嘅Bulletin係方便過呢個版本,唔分咩咩維基風格。—以上留言未簽名傾偈貢獻)喺2013年7月27號(UTC)之前加入。 
    • 你要用中文維基Bulletin段code我冇所謂,但入面個風格都可以改返似粵維風格(用返全形【】、加返icon仔)。同埋冇需要「一Bulletin兩風格」,你要用新版Bulletin,就麻煩將舊版Bulletin嘅公告搬去新版度。--Kowlooner (傾偈) 2013年7月27號 (六) 12:13 (UTC)
    • 好地地,點解要學「中文維基」,有自己風格唔用。--WikiCantona (傾偈) 2013年7月27號 (六) 12:31 (UTC)


隻底色使唔使咁搶眼呀? Shinjiman 2013年7月29號 (一) 08:39 (UTC)

Sorry,好得人驚!有啲頭暈!--WikiCantona (傾偈) 2013年7月29號 (一) 09:06 (UTC)


我唔介意閣下搞搞呢個 Template,不過,如果要實驗就開版 testing 嚟慢慢搞,唔好搞到格格不入,又 shadows 又 pill shape,我日日都睇呢頁㗎,幫幫忙,好唔好。--WikiCantona (傾偈) 2013年7月30號 (二) 14:15 (UTC)

唔知有冇一尐舊嘅瀏覽器係唔支援呢種嘅屬性,請試過係冇問題嘅先至改上來,或者改之前可以用沙盤或者係用戶頁子頁到做,善用預覽功能睇睇效果係乜先。 Shinjiman 2013年7月30號 (二) 14:34 (UTC)

舊嘅瀏覽器:橢圖變長方形(Win xp嘅IE)。—以上留言未簽名傾偈貢獻)喺2013年7月30號(UTC)之前加入。 


刪咩講聲啦。Danny♪Chan 2013年8月13號 (二) 11:48 (UTC)

其實人唔多,用編輯摘要我覺得已經ok。有爭議時再傾都唔遲。翹仔 (傾偈) 2017年9月18號 (一) 18:33 (UTC)