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Please make the distinction between Mandarin and Cantonese.討論) 2009年4月22號 (三) 13:51 (UTC)[回覆]

Sorry. Maybe next time you can fill in the edit summary? Wutsje討論) 2009年4月22號 (三) 13:53 (UTC)[回覆]
Or perhaps you might want to learn the language?討論) 2009年4月22號 (三) 14:08 (UTC)[回覆]
Ow, I'd really love to. Already studied it for some time, but it is quite hard. The fact of the matter is: any large removal on any small wiki shows up on irc (see SWMT). Yours did too. I reverted that, because it had no edit summary and that's very often a sign of vandalism. Again: sorry. I do not have any intention of bothering "good" users. Wutsje討論) 2009年4月22號 (三) 14:17 (UTC)[回覆]


Also, thank for the effort of combating vandalism. WikiCantona討論) 2009年5月9號 (六) 01:25 (UTC)[回覆]

Thank you, you're welcome. :-)   I consider every Wikipedia to be a small miracle (all those people sharing their knowledge, just for the sake of it!), so I think every one of them - large and "small" - is worth being protected against vandalism. Regards. Wutsje討論) 2009年5月9號 (六) 01:46 (UTC)[回覆]

Hey! Thank you all for your attention! I make a mistake in my edition without putting the pasword and name, can you correct it please? I think the better place to talk about all of this is in wikimedia!! Thank you! Very nice people, truth!. --Llibertatcom (傾偈) 2011年2月17號 (四) 13:19 (UTC)[回覆]