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網頁標準色 #{{{hex}}}
(r, g, b) ({{{r}}}, {{{g}}}, {{{b}}})
色相/飽和度/明度 (h, s, v) ({{{h}}}°, {{{s}}}%, {{{v}}}%)


For articles standardised to british spelling, add the parameter spelling=Colour. The word "colour" is case-insensitive.

Note that CMYK values are not included as there is no single way to obtain a CMYK quartet from an RGB triplet. Variations in paper and ink processes account for the various combinations of non-invertible matrices and look-up tables used in converting from RGB to CMYK. If you wish to obtain CMYK values for these colors, you will get appropriate conversion values from your graphics application when you define the type of ink and paper you will be printing on. see Talk:List_of_colors