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原本檔案(SVG檔案,表面大細: 990 × 630 像素,檔案大細:253字節)


Eesti: Eesti lipp
Русский: Флаг Эстонии
Čeština: Estonská vlajka
Македонски: Знаме на Естонија
English: Flag of Estonia 7:11, blue PANTONE 285C.
Gaeilge: Bratach na hEastóine
Italiano: Bandiera estone
Lietuvių: Estijos vėliava
Latviešu: Igaunijas karogs
Nederlands: Vlag van Estland
Русский: Флаг Эстонии
Slovenčina: Vlajka Estónska
Slovenščina: Državna zastava Estonije
Українська: Прапор Естонії
作者 Originally drawn by User:SKopp. Blue colour changed by User:PeepP to match the image at [1].
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Flag of Estonia.svg
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Public domain
According to the Republic of Estonia Copyright Act (passed on November 11, 1992; consolidated text May 2006):

§ 5. Results of intellectual activities to which this Act does not apply

  • 1) ideas, images, notions, theories, processes, systems, methods, concepts, principles, discoveries, inventions, and other results of intellectual activities which are described, explained or expressed in any other manner in a work;
  • 2) works of folklore;
  • 3) legislation and administrative documents (acts, decrees, regulations, statutes, instructions, directives) and official translations thereof;
  • 4) court decisions and official translations thereof;
  • 5) official symbols of the state and insignia of organisations (flags, coats of arms, orders, medals, badges, etc.);
  • 6) news of the day;
  • 7) facts and data;
  • 8) ideas and principles which underlie any element of a computer program, including those which underlie its user interfaces.
Hence it is assumed that this image has been released into the public domain. However, in some instances the use of this image might be regulated by other laws.

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Small coat of arms of Estonia.svg

It is easy to put a border around this flag image
Flag of Estonia.svg
[[File:Flag of Estonia.svg|border|96px]]



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