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Hello! My name is Yacht, from Mainland China. I have many interests, including Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History, Politics, Economy, Languages etc. But I will focus on sexual orientation and gay-related topics in Cantonese Wikipedia (not to be confused with Chinese Wikipedia), in the hope of a better understanding on gay community. I am planning to translated the LGBT related entries from English wikipedia to Cantonese Wikipedia. Hopefully, straight community will better and correctly understand and accept gay people. I am a supporter of gay rights, including same-sex marriage and adoption. My plan is showed as below:

  • Sexual orientation - Homosexuality | Hetrosexuality | Bisexuality | Third gender
  • LGBT rights - Gay rights movement | Same-sex marriage | Civil union | LGBT adoption | Sodomy law
  • LGBT culture - Rainbow flag | Pink triangle | Gay bar | Gay pride | List_of_lesbian,_gay,_bisexual_or_transgender-related_films
  • LGBT history - Gay liberation | Gay bashing | Stonewall riots
  • Gay people - Bertrand Delanoë (complete) | Klaus Wowereit (complete)

Everybody deserves a beautiful wedding[編輯]

Thank you. Thank you. Good morning. I know it’s been a long night, but in spit of the polls. I want you all know that everyone here, everyone that supports us around the country have made the difference. Maybe bigger difference than I think any others ever could have imaged a few weeks ago. I know I surely couldn’t. We may have lost the battle. In my heart, I know one day we will win the war. We win because we’re gonna keep trying, because the people in friends, in families, in co-workers we will turn to have been put on notice that we will be not be treated like second class citizens because of who we love. And if you’re not out to all the people in your life, and maybe it’s time. ‘Cause those who think gay people are to destroy the institution of marriage don’t know us very well. We do not destroy, we renovate. We are gonna make marriage stronger, even more beautiful than ever. We not always agree with everyone in my family, but they are my family. This whole thing started because I believe everybody deserves a beautiful wedding…

——Shel,Wedding Wars